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About Us

Who are we?

Started by a couple of attorneys and supported by independent researchers and volunteers the Kosovo Project is a network (not an organization) of US Citizens who believe in advocacy and the United States political process. 

Our History

Frustrated by a lack of representation for Serbian Orthodox Christians, whose basic human rights are being violated in Kosovo and Metohija, we decided to volunteer our time to advocate on their behalf. 

Our Mission

Everyone who volunteers their time with The Kosovo Project shares a common mission to promote and empower the Serbian American people to advocate on behalf of justice for the Serbian people and Kosovo and Metohija. 

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We at the Kosovo Project are working to mobilize the Serbian American community to advocate for the protection of Orthodox Christians and other minorities who have been persecuted in Kosovo and Metohija. This includes preserving and protecting sacred places such as churches, monasteries, and other cultural and relgious sites.

Our efforts in this area are often constrained due to lack of funding for this important cause.

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